explain how qualitative and quantitative methods could be used here An example of a nursing practice problem that could be studied using a mixed methods approach is the impact of an education program on patient’s adherence to medications.

Quantitative methods:

- Surveys or questionnaires could be used to collect numerical data on the frequency and dosage of medication adherence before and after the education program. - Statistical analysis could be used to compare adherence rates pre- and post-intervention.

Qualitative methods:

- Focus groups or interviews could be conducted to gather insights on patients' attitudes and experiences related to medication adherence. - Thematic analysis could be used to identify common barriers to adherence and potential strategies for improvement.

By using both quantitative and qualitative methods, researchers can provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the education program on medication adherence. The quantitative data can provide statistical evidence of changes in adherence rates, while the qualitative data can offer insights into the underlying reasons for these changes. This mixed methods approach can help inform the development of more effective interventions and improve patient outcomes in nursing practice.