Errors waiter makes when handling guests bills

1. Charging incorrect items: The waiter may accidentally include items on the bill that were not ordered by the guest, leading to an overcharge.

2. Forgetting to apply discounts or promotions: The waiter may forget to apply any discounts or promotions that the guest is entitled to, resulting in a higher bill than expected.

3. Not splitting bills correctly: If guests request to have their bills split, the waiter may make a mistake and not divide the total amount accurately, causing confusion and inconvenience for the guests.

4. Failing to inform guests of additional charges: If there are additional charges, such as a service charge or corkage fee, the waiter should inform the guest upfront. Failing to do so can lead to surprise charges on the bill.

5. Mishandling payment: The waiter may accept the wrong form of payment or make a mistake when processing the payment, leading to delays or errors in settling the bill.

6. Not providing a clear breakdown of charges: Guests appreciate a detailed breakdown of their bill, including itemized charges, taxes, and any additional fees. Failing to provide this information can result in confusion and frustration.

7. Being rude or unprofessional when presenting the bill: How the waiter presents the bill to the guest can also impact the overall dining experience. Being rude or abrupt when handing over the bill can leave a negative impression on the guest.

8. Failing to address any concerns or discrepancies: If a guest notices any errors or discrepancies on their bill, the waiter should address these promptly and professionally. Ignoring guest concerns can lead to dissatisfaction and complaints.